Climate Action: Organise a Meet with Your MP


On Saturday 9th Feb we were delighted to be at the Festival of Transformation in Bristol, an amazing event hosted by Global Aware.  With 190+ people in attendance, it was a privilege for us to host one of the seminars around the Global Goals.  As expected, climate change was hot on the topic.  Below, Ben Solanky, one of the End Poverty 2030 team shares on the rise of local churches coming together to meet their MPs about SDG 13 Climate Action.

I was turned down. I only made the waiting list for this event.

In my home town of Tunbridge Wells, a meeting had been arranged with the local MP by a group of local Christians concerned about the environment and climate catastrophe. But my involvement had been relegated to making it as far as the second elevens.

Wind back the clock! Nearly 3 decades ago I was involved in putting on a similar Christian event about climate responsibility and action. It certainly wasn’t a sell out event nor was it even on the radar of parishioners. I even recall the sheer effort to try and get ‘bums on seats’ from my peers and friends. Cashing in on favours, the reality was that it seemed just outside the radar and responsibility of Christians. I left that event inspired by what I heard but disappointed that my peers were not there. Back then I did not feel much hope.

Today the situation has radically changed. My brothers and sisters are beginning to embrace the issue and discover how their faith can inspire them to respond and come together to the 21st century challenge of global and local stewardship and responsibility. Now they were requesting an audience with their MP.

SDG 13 - Ashden community energy photo.jpg

I was disappointed that I didn’t get in, but I also felt encouraged that Christians are gaining expression as people concerned for their environment and climate action. There are more concerned people out there than I thought. This gives me hope that there are many others who feel the same about this issue as followers of Jesus.

Meetings like these are happening in many situations. Orpington Baptist Church called for a similar event recently and, it too, was a sell out and many others are doing likewise.

End Poverty 2030 is a movement of believers across the denominations stepping up to the Global Goals as an outworking of faith. The UN has framed the world problems under the Global Goals with a single view to unite us to face the greatest challenges our world faces.

We are calling for local churches to unite their communities to do a similar ‘Ask your MP about Climate Action’ event to help the growing number of concerned believers galvanise their voice for the planet and meet the challenges of Climate Action. Or even just start by using the <God’s Global Goals?> resource as a study in your small group.

You may be surprised, like me, at how many people are concerned about this. If you are interested in doing so please get in touch and we can help advise you how others have designed such events.

And if you were at Festival of Transformation, please do follow us on social media and keep in touch!  In fact, whoever you are, check out our social media… :-)

Carwyn Hill