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On 1st January 2016 the United Nations launched 17 ambitious goals (the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and protect the planet, all by 2030.  These goals were agreed by 193 countries after years of consultation between many groups including governments and charities, including Christian agencies.  Following on from the success of the Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs offered a new and exciting opportunity to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time.

Yet, despite their critical importance, the goals have slipped beneath the radar for many people. End Poverty 2030 has subsequently formed to engage and equip the Christian community across denominations to become more actively and radically engaged in these important issues.  

On 31st January 2018, End Poverty 2030 is delighted to be launching a new resource for Churches and Christians, called ‘God’s Global Goals?’, a series of Biblical reflections on each goal, asking why Christians should be more actively engaged?  Gathering multi-denominations and agencies from across the UK at The House of Lords in Westminster, this resource is a first stepping stone towards a wider movement to unite the church in one voice; to end poverty, fight inequality and protect the planet.  

We’d love you join us in this movement.  Why not start by getting your church or house group engaged in ‘God’s Global Goals?’.  Feel free to download various resources from each of our Global Goal pages or contact us for a hard copy of the full brochure!

Michael Goldsmith